Web4VI: Accessibility on a Budget

We have changed our company name.

Web4VI is now Access2online.

Clients seemed united in recommending the change. The most common reason was that our work is not focused on VI, the visually impaired, as much as to provide accessibility to everyone with a disability. The standards that govern our work, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and WCAG 2.0 of the W3 Consortium, both include accessibility for the deaf, those with motor skill difficulties, and others.

Meeting the needs of the blind remains our top priority, and the majority of the issues covered by the above standards. Our commitment to helping the blind get online remains as solid as ever.

If you take a peek at our new website, you will see that nothing but the name has changed. Ownership, mission, business model -- all of these remain identical.

Please change your Web4VI bookmark to Access2online at www.access2online.com

June 15, 2017
Peter Shikli, CEO

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